Design is in the blood

about me
Freelancing as a web designer is a second job for me. I love creating websites that are easy on the eye, simple, informative, functional and easy to navigate. People are more likely to stick around if they like the look of your website, which means they are more likely to read what you have to say. This equates to good marketing 😉
the process
There are four simple steps to follow, the first being to discuss your thoughts on what you want the website to show and how you may envisage it looking. If you have any pictures or specific information you would like adding to the site you will need to supply me with the relevant files up front so I can supply you with an accurate design. You may also have a colour scheme in mind or a theme in general that you are hoping to achieve - now is the time to mention it!

Next I will go away and create a design for you. Apart form me perhaps bugging you with things we may have forgotten to discuss every now and then, the next time you hear from me I should have a website design to show you.

When the design is complete I will send you a copy. Hopefully you will say it's great and that it's just what you are after. If not then we can discuss what changes may need applying and aim to get the website development underway.

Once I've finished designing and creating the website, and you have given me your final approval, I will upload the site and show you how to log in so you can administer the website yourself. Job done!


Although I like to make sure my work looks professional and that each website is search engine friendly, I try to keep the cost to you down. This is not my only job so I don't have to rely on web designing for an income or worry about overheads, like a lot of full-time freelancers and web design companies do. This means I can supply you with a quote which will be fair and set in stone!

A lot of Freelancers and Web Design Companies start their pricing at around a thousand pounds - I won't be!

Expect to usually pay under half that amount!